Dominoes Night – Friday 9th December 2016

I was a little unsure about going to the Dominoes Night last Friday as I couldn’t remember how to play and, being in my early 20s, I thought I might be too young and inexperienced to play against what I thought would be some serious professionals.

After hearing there was pie and peas on offer though I couldn’t refuse, so I went down to the Village Hall to give the dominoes a try. I wasn’t wrong about thinking there would be a rather large age difference, but the company was brilliant with everyone being great to talk too, full of life and very welcoming.

The evening began with pie and peas; I went for meat and potato pie, which was lovely and really filled me up. After the rules had been explained, it started to jog my memory a little. We sat in groups of 4 around 9 tables and the first game began. It was really good fun and even better that I won!

I then got to move onto the next table as, after each game, the 2 players that came 1st and 2nd moved on. This was a really good idea as it mixed people up and I got to talk to people that I’ve never spoken to before. Some funny tales were told too!

After playing 12 games I had somehow managed to move around all the tables so I can’t have been that bad, but I didn’t quite get enough points to win a prize!

I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed the evening ☺. It was really well organised, we were kept occupied with short times to chat and the company was brilliant. I was so glad that I wasn’t put off going because I didn’t think I’d enjoy myself with so many older people there!

I will definitely attend the event again if it is put on, which I really hope it is……..