Latest update:

Concept designs for the new Village Hall have been developed based on practical experience and suggestions put forward by Hall users and the results of the 2015 Parish Survey. Drawings and a 3-D model of an indicative design will be available in the Village Hall for the community to review on Saturday 10th June (1pm to 5pm) and Sunday 11th June (10am to 12pm). Just call in to find out how the project is progressing and to let us know your thoughts, ideas and opinions. Some of the information will also be on display in the Village Hall over the May bank holiday weekend (27th to 29th May) during the Art and Craft Fair.

In addition, a short questionnaire has been produced to help identify what is and isn’t important to you about the Village Hall. Please complete the questionnaire to help ensure that the new development achieves what most people see as being beneficial for our community.

The new Village Hall is for everyone, so we need you all to be involved and have your say. In the meantime any comments will be most gratefully received, so please contact us and tell us what facilities and activities you would like at the new Village Hall, when it hopefully comes to fruition.

Initial stages:

Although Lamplugh Village Hall is a well-used, popular venue for various events and clubs, it is recognised that the lack of parking on the site detracts from its appeal and actually puts some people off coming to the Hall. Since day one, the Village Hall Committee have considered possible solutions, some of which would have required cooperation from BT in the neighbouring telephone exchange. However, unfortunately they showed no positive interest or communal responsibility.

The only viable solution, other than trying to move to another site with all the attendant difficulties, has been to see if land to the rear of the premises could be obtained for a new building and to knock down the present premises and create a new enlarged parking area. Fortunately our adjoining landowner has very kindly agreed to make an area of land behind the existing Village Hall available to allow such a project to be carried out. The Committee are very much indebted to their support and generosity.

A comprehensive Parish Survey was conducted in July and August 2015 to gauge public opinion on the future of the Village Hall. The results of the survey strongly endorsed this proposal to improve the parking situation. It also confirmed the importance of the Hall to the community, as already evidenced by the increased usage and general user feedback during the last 8 years.

Therefore to progress this idea further, the Committee applied to Awards for All for a grant to cover the cost of carrying out a feasibility study to determine the best way forward and were delighted to hear in November 2016 that they had been awarded £9,900 for this purpose. As a result an architect, Lucy Nelson at EcoArc, was appointed to assess the existing premises and justify the most appropriate way to overcome the current issues and meet the requirements of our community. The feasibility study has now been completed and concludes that due to the age and type of construction of the existing building, and the layout of the site, the most appropriate solution is to build a new Village Hall on the donated land and use the existing plot as a car park.

On 19th January 2017, the Committee submitted a Reaching Communities Buildings Stage 1 grant application, in the hope that the Big Lottery Fund would see the huge benefit of our project and offer financial support to make it become a reality. We have recently been notified that our Stage 1 grant application has been successful and, as a result, have been invited to apply to Stage 2 for £400,000 towards the cost of building a new hall behind the existing Village Hall. The Stage 2 grant application needs to be submitted by 24th June 2017 and if this is successful it will allow us to progress to Stage 3 for the funds to be released from the Big Lottery Fund. Additional funds will also need to be raised to meet the planned construction costs on this site. As well as completing the Stage 2 grant application form and investigating other funding options, the Committee also have some other issues to resolve, such as the electricity pole behind the current Village Hall building. There is a great deal to be done in the next couple of months, so it is a very busy time for the Village Hall Committee.